VICOA.COM is an independent publisher.

Make no mistake, we do not claim to publish your book. Rather we produce it and make sure it is placed in the major online stores where it is available to readers. That's it. A publisher may promote and market your book, but you have to be political criminal, a serial killer or a celebrity of some sort to have a first book published by a recognized publishing house. It helps to sell the book if you have a program on a national television channel. It's an open secret that the publisher makes money, the publicist makes money and you get what's left. Beware of any publisher who wants an author's payment for ANY reason. You pay us to produce your book, not to publish it.

We take your manuscript, edit, proof read, format it and turn it into a book. We design the cover, register the International Book Number (ISBN), and provide the bar code. In other words, we produce the entire book for you. You own ALL rights to it and control it when it is finished. is listed as the publisher. We can even provide it in e-book form at a small cost, if you wish. When your book is finished you can order one copy (about $4, depending on size) or thousands, it's up to you.

There is no long-term contract. You pay $600 up front and the remainder of $450 on delivery of a proof. (Figures based on a 250 page, 5 X 8.5 paperback. Amounts may vary depending on page count.) Your payments are over until you order books. Whether it's a few books for your family, or a major work, your per book costs are the same.